Camp Zagreb and SWEN — 20% reduction in OTA fees and 85% faster reservation processing


Camp Zagreb and SWEN — 20% reduction in OTA fees and 85% faster reservation processing

By implementing SWEN, which includes a Property Management System (PMS), Channel Manager, and SWEN Web Booking, Camp Zagreb was able to optimize the reservation process, reduce OTA fees, and significantly improve and speed up front desk operations.

#1 Introduction

Camp Zagreb is located in a beautiful natural setting by Lake Rakitje, just a few kilometers from the center of Zagreb. It has been a popular destination for campers on their way to the Adriatic Sea for over a decade. The camp offers 80 pitches, bungalows, a penthouse suite, a spa and wellness center, restaurants, and kayak rentals, making it ideal for a family vacation.

Like many campsites, Camp Zagreb faced challenges with its reservation system and front desk operations. Camp Zagreb transformed its operations by implementing SWEN, which includes PMS, Channel Manager, and SWEN Web Booking.

SWEN enabled Camp Zagreb to optimize the reservation process, reduce OTA fees by 20%, and significantly improve and speed up front desk operations, leading to greater efficiency and enhanced guest satisfaction.

#2 Challenges

Before implementing SWEN, Camp Zagreb managed reservations via phone, email, the website, and different OTA channels.

Due to the lack of system integration, this method required extensive manual work, making reservation management challenging, especially during peak season when the number of inquiries was highest. The administration was burdened with manual data entry, which increased the possibility of errors and slowed down processes.

Key challenges included:

• High administrative costs
— manual data entry was time-consuming and labor-intensive, increasing operational costs.

Increased error risk
— manual data management often led to mistakes, potentially affecting guest satisfaction.

Limited control over reservations
— without an integrated system, it was difficult to track and manage reservations across various platforms.

SWEN is by far the simplest and most user-friendly system we have ever used. It’s constantly being updated to meet user needs, and client communication is flawless. Booking through SWEN is fast and easy, and it allows much better communication with guests compared to previous years. No complaints so far!
Leona Dubrović
Camp Zagreb


Camp Zagreb and SWEN — 20% reduction in OTA fees and 85% faster reservation processing

#3 Implementing SWEN

Recognizing the need to modernize operations, Camp Zagreb chose SWEN, which offered a comprehensive, cloud-based solution designed to optimize campsite management and enhance guest satisfaction.

Property Management System (PMS)

SWEN PMS enabled Camp Zagreb to easily manage all business aspects efficiently, including reception, billing, fiscalization, guest registration with e-Visitor, and guest communication through the system.

Automation of these processes has significantly reduced administrative work and increased data accuracy.

Reception and guest registration
— quick and efficient guest check-in in 15 seconds using document scanning.

Guest communication
— directly within the SWEN system, without the need for additional email tools.

Guest records and e-Visitor
— automatic data entry into the e-Visitor system, reducing errors and saving time.

Channel Manager

SWEN Channel Manager allowed synchronization of online sales channels like Camp Zagreb could manage prices and availability across all platforms from a single centralized system, eliminating reservation overlaps and increasing occupancy:

• Increased occupancy
— better control over availability increased capacity utilization.

Reduced double bookings
— synchronization with sales channels eliminated double booking issues.

SWEN Web Booking

SWEN Web Booking

SWEN Web Booking enabled Camp Zagreb to receive reservations through their website, which are then automatically created in the SWEN system, completely eliminating manual entry of reservations. Guests can now easily and quickly book their stay through the online system, increasing direct sales for Camp Zagreb and reducing OTA commission fees by 20%.

• Simplified booking process
— guests could easily book their stay online, reducing phone and email inquiries.

Cost reduction
‍— direct bookings reduced OTA fees by 20%.

Better control over reservations
— improved control over the reservation process allowed the campsite to provide better service to guests.

Due to the dynamism of the industry and the scope of the receptionist's work, our customer support team is dedicated to providing quick and concrete interventions whenever help is needed with SWEN. We are available every day, at any time of the day or night, and constant communication with clients is extremely important to the whole team!
Marko Grabušić
SWEN Customer Support Specialist


Camp Zagreb and SWEN — 20% reduction in OTA fees and 85% faster reservation processing

#4 Results and Experiences of Camp Zagreb

After implementing SWEN, Camp Zagreb became part of the campsite management revolution and modernized its operations. The implementation of SWEN brought the following results:

• Reduced administrative work
— automated processes reduced administrative work by 85%, allowing staff to focus on providing better guest service

Increased revenue
— lower and other OTA fees increased the campsite’s revenue.

Better operational control
— centralized management of all business aspects improved efficiency and accuracy of operations.

After three months of using SWEN, the system keeps improving and upgrading according to our needs and requirements, which makes me very happy. Customer support is the best ever!
Izabela Bubrić
Camp Zagreb


Camp Zagreb and SWEN — 20% reduction in OTA fees and 85% faster reservation processing

Revolutionize your business with SWEN!

Implementing the comprehensive SWEN system allowed Camp Zagreb to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance the guest experience. Automated processes and centralized reservation management resulted in significant reductions in administrative burdens and increased data accuracy. Additionally, reducing OTA fees brought direct financial benefits, which were reinvested into improving the campsite's services and infrastructure. 

Our customer support is available 24/7 and we visit Camp Zagreb regularly to check on them, fix any issues and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you want to improve your business and take advantage of the benefits of a modern campsite management system, contact us.

We’d be happy to show you everything our system can offer and how SWEN can transform your operations!

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