Can SWEN be used on a mobile phone?

SWEN can be used on all devices with internet connection— smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Is SWEN compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes, SWEN is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

Do I need to have servers in the facility and how much does the maintenance cost?

There is no need to have servers, and as SWEN is a completely cloud-based system, there is no maintenance, but we have 0-24 customer support in case you need our help with something.

Can hostels use SWEN?

Yes, hostels, hotels and campsites can use SWEN.

Do we lose our old data by switching to SWEN?

When implementing SWEN, we migrate all the data from old systems to SWEN.

What does the implementation look like and how long does it take?

SWEN implementation consists of employee training, data transfer and mapping of business processes, and lasts an average of one week.

Does SWEN have customer support?

SWEN has 0-24 available phone support for all users, and all notifications for new things and updates in the system are sent to e-mail.

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property management system for hotels and campsites
property management system for hotels and campsites

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