SWEN is an all-in-one booking and property management platform made to fit the specific needs of hospitality management.

It offers its users a set of advanced functionalities and automated processes that simplify the process of handling guests — from the initial booking request, through their stay and all the way to checkout.

SWEN is the only tool you’ll ever need for campsite management.

property management system for hotels and campsites
property management system for hotels and campsites

How it all started

Because of the lack of viable alternatives, campsites are forced to use complex and inflexible booking and management software solutions that are often primarily built for hotels and hotel chains. This means they need to make lots of compromises or use multiple unconnected platforms instead of having one centralized hub that can do it all.

That's why we created SWEN — the only booking and property management system specialized in camp management.

We started working on SWEN  in 2018, and we saw an opportunity to create a software that can later be easily implemented in any campsite or a hotel, no matter how big or small.

SWEN is by far the simplest and most user-friendly system we have ever used. It’s constantly being updated to meet user needs, and client communication is flawless. Booking through SWEN is fast and easy, and it allows much better communication with guests compared to previous years. No complaints so far!
Leona Dubrović
Camp Zagreb

Experts from various fields

SWEN team currently consists of:
• Leadership team — CEO & CTO
• Backend Developers
• Frontend Developers
• Software Testers
• Customer Support Specialists

The strength of our team is built on a unique and enduring bond — the foundation of this connection is our choice to work primarily from office, fostering a sense of togetherness and collaboration. 90% of our team are senior team members, and some od them have been working side by side since the very beginning of our idea to transform the hospitality industry.

Team SWEN — property management system for hotels and campsites
Team SWEN — property management system for hotels and campsites

Meet our leadership team

Our CEO and CTO come from various backgrounds, covering technology, product management, sales and team leadership. They combine their diverse expertise and deep knowledge to ensure they lead the entire team towards innovation and success while navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

SWEN CEO — Leonardo Dražić


Chief Executive Officer

Leonardo has over 10 years of experience delivering successful projects worldwide and in-depth knowledge of the camping industry. He is responsible for shaping the business and product strategy, identifying market trends and customer needs, and partnering with other leaders and stakeholders to define strategic goals for SWEN. 

SWEN CTO — Danijel Potočki


Chief Technology Officer

Danijel has more than 10 years of experience in IT industry and more than 5 years of experience successfully leading development teams. He is responsible for leading and overseeing SWEN’s technical operations. This includes the development and implementation of software systems and ensuring SWEN’s technology aligns with our strategy and goals. 

As the CEO of our company, I’m proud to say that our SaaS-based product has revolutionized the industry, providing our clients with unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and innovation.
Leonardo Dražić

Our values & culture

Our values define the desired behaviours to accomplish our purpose — towards our team, towards our users/customers and towards community. We are driven by these values:

Team SWEN — property management system for hotels and campsites


Do things with passion.

We believe in bringing passion to everything we do and using it as a source of energy needed to make a true impact on our users/clients and persevere through challenging obstacles.


Work hard, play hard.

We know building something new is challenging and we firmly believe embracing a culture of fun, innovation, and experimentation within your work is crucial.


Change is your only constant.

We embrace the power of change and adaptation, as we believe that the future holds endless possibilities and eagerly anticipate uncovering what lies ahead.


Build things that matter.

We strive to leave a mark by doing meaningful work that solves problems, helps people and makes a difference in the world around us.


Tell it like it is.

We believe in the power of honesty and transparency because access to information enables individuals to make better decisions.

Revolutionize your property management

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property management system for hotels and campsites
property management system for hotels and campsites

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