All-in-one management software

• Reservation handling
• Guest communication
• Guest check-in & check-out
• Front desk processes management
• Customer data management
• Housekeeping management
• Back-office management
• Property lease management
• Reporting & analytics
• Revenue management
• Billing & invoicing


Multiple integrations for completely frictionless experience

SWEN is cloud-based solution that supports seamless integration with a number of third-party tools and enables employees to focus on guest experience to maximize the revenue.

property management system for hotels and campsites
property management system for hotels and campsites

Implementation & onboarding within 1 week

• Seamless integration & data migration — implementation time within couple of days (with no cost for customers)
• Short onboarding & user adoption
• On-site support in the first week of implementation, and 24/7 phone customer support afterwards


Reduce operational costs and booking fees with SWEN

SWEN streamlines property management and booking processes for campsites with an intuitive, modern system that reduces both operational costs and booking fees by over 30%.

Processes with SWEN:

• Less reception staff — avg 30%
• Short staff onboarding — 3 days
• Automated & fast
• Easy billing & invoicing
• Predictable running cost — 40% lower
• Frictionless experience

SWEN software:

• Cloud-based & modular
• Scalable solution for campsites of all sizes
• All-in-one software
• Integrations with numerous third-party tools
• Modern & intuitive interface

After three months of using SWEN, the system keeps improving and upgrading according to our needs and requirements, which makes me very happy. Customer support is the best ever!
Izabela Bubrić
Camp Zagreb
Since we started using SWEN, work at the reception has become much faster and more efficient, this software made work easier and faster in many aspects. Guest check-in and check-out, the entire process of making a reservation — everything is significantly simplified, and by automating individual actions, the possibility of error is reduced to a minimum.
Biljana Rapajić
Head of Reception — Camping Village Šimuni

Benefits of using SWEN software

SWEN is an all-in-one management platform tailored for the needs of hospitality industry — from the initial booking request, through the stay, and all the way to checkout, SWEN creates a completely frictionless experience both for guests and campsites.


• tailored to fit the needs of camping hospitality
• automates and eliminates manual processes
• enables the staff to focus on the guest experience
• integration with CampMap — direct pitch booking on the website


• less time spent on queues & administration
• effortless & carefree stay
• additional services & benefits

property management system for hotels and campsites

Revolutionize your property management

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property management system for hotels and campsites
property management system for hotels and campsites

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